Solving the Problems That Matter.

  • Improving Our Community: Making our city and state a better place to live in requires dedication. I’ve been fortunate to help improve homelessness through housing initiatives, improving students through providing faith and service opportunities, and saving multiple nonprofits from failure through tireless efforts. By bringing efforts like these to Pierre, I hope to improve the lives of the people within District 11.
  • Low-tax Living: South Dakotans don’t have the luxury of spending money that they don’t have, and government shouldn’t either. As a nonprofit leader I know the value of running an efficient organization and balancing a budget through thoughtful investments and careful spending, and those are the exact same values that I will use to lead to continue the South Dakota tradition of efficient government and low taxes. 
  • Fighting for Families: My 3 kids have always been the priority of my life, and I know that feeling of doing everything you can to making sure your children have everything they need to succeed. Making sure our children and families are succeeding means ensuring safety, strong education, and career opportunities are waiting for our children as they prepare for the world ahead of them. 
  • Success for Students: The success of our state depends on the strength of the next generation. To make sure our students are ready to lead one day, they need to be prepared with the skills and experience that it takes. If elected, I want to make sure that our children have a strong classroom environment and the opportunities needed to become the future of South Dakota. 
  • Uplifting the Vulnerable: Those who are the vulnerable and struggle in their day to day lives deserve the same opportunities as the rest of us. This means we need to connect people who need help with organizations and resources that give them a fighting chance in life. If elected, I want to be the experienced voice to make sure everyone in South Dakota gets a fighting chance. 

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